What our clients are saying

We buy from Andes because their are a trustworthy company that offers high quality service and fast speed to respond to our needs in this volatile industry.

Marco Polo Rivera - Mexico City

Andes is a reliable Company which whom I feel confortable doing business with due to the human approach to treat customers. Additionally, the fact that they have a mexican subsidiary that allows them to invoice in pesos is a plus.

Ruben Jimenez - Guadalajara

We buy from Andes because we trust the quality of the service, the reliability and the synergy in core values between both of our companies.

Amado Navarro - Guadalajara

Trust, honesty and excellent service. “When we went to Andes Global Trading, the most noticeable difference is their customer service. From purchase to logistics, they follow up throughout the entire business process. I feel like they are more than a customer supplier, there is a friendly relationship.” 

Nexo Meats

Customer service and very responsive. “We have been very satisfied with our purchases with Andes Global Trading. Security in prices and logistics. I would buy from Andes again. Great customer service and trustworthy. Excellent suppliers, and very RELIABLE.