Why Andes Global Trading?

The industry’s brightest meat traders and logistics experts are part of our passionate team, all dedicated to solving your meat supply challenges.



Latin America




How do we do it?

As you know, timing is everything in meat trading. Driven by experience and long-standing relationships with customers
and suppliers around the globe, we provide competitive tools and supply solutions to help clients’ make the right
purchasing decisions to find the right products at the right time.



Our core purpose

Reason for Existence.
What difference are we making in the world?

We believe in passionately building an extraordinary company, with a happy and respectful environment, living with an entrepreneurial spirit, where our people can contribute and grow, and where TRUST and our VALUES are at the heart of everything we do to positively serve and impact our clients and our communities.


Our core values

Everything we do, and the way we do it, is driven by our values.
These are the pillars upon which our company culture is built.




What our clients are saying

Here are some of our suppliers

Andes Global Trading is proud to work with the following suppliers to bring you specialty meats, including all natural, local, fresh, and cooked and prepared products offered.

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