Turkey products

Andes Global Trading has access to turkey offers in different plants throughout the United States. The turkey is fattened, sacrificed and deposited under the supervision of the United States health authorities, guarantying the highest quality standards, since the plants work under different programs that safeguard the health of the animal as well as the consumers. The cuts are offered in different temperature conditions and packings, which allows us to fulfill the different needs of our clients.   For example: fresh and frozen, combo, ion block, 4x10, interleaved, IQF, among many others. Our main objective is to have the best information of the market´s behavior and the use of the products, to advise our clients in the most appropriate style based on the product’s tendency, as well as possible substitutes to make the best decisions, having always in consideration the product’s costs, performance, origins and new plants to have a comprehensive analysis of what we are offering to our clients.
Bellow, you will find a turkey diagram where you will see the animal divided on its main cuts so that you can visualize all the cuts that come out from a primary cut. Please contact us with any questions.


image/svg+xml Variety Meats Head Neck Back Wing Thigh Drumstick Breast