Pork Products

At Andes Global Trading we have access to different pork cuts from several regions around the world, mainly the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Chile.

The pork is fed, slaughter and butchered under the supervisión of the authorities from each country, guaranteeing only the best product of the highest global quality. Cuts can be offered in different temperature conditions, like fresh and frozen and an unimaginable variety of packaging, depending on our client´s needs. i.e. vacuum packed, combo, bulk pack, layer pack and wrapped, IQF, amongst others. Our main objective is to advise our clients to find the best option for the specific cut the client is looking for as well as offering varieties of substitute cuts at the best prices or with higher performance, and suggest new plants and boarding origins to always make the best decision.

Bellow, you will find a pork diagram where you will be able to see the animal divided by its main cuts, so that you can see all the secondary cuts that can be derived from each main cut. Please contact us with any questions.



Head Ham Belly Loin Shoulder Picnic Snout Feet Tail Ear Spareribs